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Tooling, molding, secondary operations, material selection, evaluation and testing, design, project management, costing, value engineering, international supplier management and enhancement, and more: this book provides a broad insight from the author’s over 40 years of experience in the plastics industry.

Aimed at both technical and non-technical personnel involved with plastic product design and manufacturing, this book shows how having the big picture leads to effective solutions and high-quality products. Numerous case studies of product failures exemplify the key concepts.

The reader will benefit from the author’s unique depth and breadth of knowledge and experience as a team manager and hands-on contributor in all aspects of plastics, involving extremely robust, mission-critical products. Judicious attention to fundamental engineering principles is always at the foundation but “people issues” are also brought into focus from the author’s background as a long-time international trainer and Six Sigma expert.

The book is therefore an essence of all the experience gained along the way: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This book is unique among the many other fine books available in this subject area in that it is the perspective of one who has been in the trenches—as opposed to an academician, scientist, or other professional from a field with narrower scope, such as material science, tooling, or manufacturing. Hence, the HOLISTIC APPROACH.

•Causes of Plastics Failure
•The Holistic Approach
•Plastic Materials
•Tooling Considerations
•Secondary Operations
•Part and Tool Costs
•Six Sigma Techniques in Plastics
•Further Reading and Reference Material

With forewords by Glenn Beall, Louis Maresca, and Joe McFadden.

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